Mid-Market Corporate Account Manager, Business Liaison, IT Consulting

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it!" - Alan Kay

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Who I am

Results-focused International Account Manager offering 10 years of experience. With a demonstrated record of achievement in sales, system administration and customer relations. Able to set up agreements, manage a global customer base, provide advanced technical support and liase and prospect for new leads in a self-motivated and success-driven manner. Looking for a dynamic and growth-oriented position in a fast-paced environment.

Going Above and Beyond

A job well done is not just about the end of the deal. Its about the continual pursuit of client fulfillment and satisfaction.

Clients Expect Excellence

Quality and time means more now than ever. With the internet revolutionizing the industry, clientele  are able to research and make informed decisions about who they hire to handle their business needs and provide them with solutions. By incorporating tools such as Zoom meeting,  the capability to adapt and award-winning salesmanship, I always stay ahead of the curve. Let me provide you with the same care and support you deserve.

Predictive Index

I have been asked on many occasions to complete testing such as this. To make it easier for the interested parties, I have chosen to acquire the results myself and place them here.

Torres, Martina - Placard (pdf)


Torres, Martina - Personal Development Chart (pdf)


Torres, Martina - Behavioral Report (pdf)